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Our online Magic Shop, caters for both the specialist performer and the amateur magician alike. Now entering our 9th magical year of trading, we're pleased to be able to offer a vast range of Magic Tricks covering all aspects of the art of conjuring including, card tricks, close up tricks, stage, mentalism and street magic. If you're new to magic, take a look at our beginners magic section where the secrets of many easy tricks can be revealed - for a small price of course!

Instructional Magic DVD's can be a fantastic way to learn how to perform magic. Our UK based magic shop has a massive selection of titles from some of the worlds finest magic creators. Each DVD is packed with performances, demonstrations as well as full explanations to show you how to learn these magic tricks. If you prefer the written word, then jump right over to our magic books section and browse through the many titles available and don't forget, if you're looking to keep yourself up to speed with the news and gossip within the world of magic then be sure to grab yourself any one of our magic magazines. Our New Arrivals section is updated several times a week, so don't forget to check it regularly.

Bently by Chris Hanowell

Bently by Chris Hanowell

The ultimate mind-bending MIRACLE. Easy to learn, and uses ordinary paperclips.

Animate an ordinary paper clip with absolutely NO SLEIGHT OF HAND. You can even perform this miracle completely HANDS OFF!

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Mnemonica Miracles by Juan Tamariz

Mnemonica Miracles by Juan Tamariz

This 5 DVD Box Set represents a treasure trove of secret information. If you have ever wanted to master this principle, it's easily worth its weight in gold.

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Travelling Deck 2.0 by Takel

Travelling Deck 2.0 by Takel

Imagine the scene - you take a pack of cards out of a card box.Then the entire deck vanishes with the exception of one card.You explain to the spectator that the deck has gone back inside the card box. You go back to the card box and take out the pack of cards - Amazing!

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The Last Prediction by Kneill X

The Last Prediction by Kneill X

A self working, insanely clean and utterly impossible Open Prediction! Comes with specially made Bicycle Gimmick. (Works with Red Bicycle Deck, but Kneill X teaches you how to construct alternative gimmicks for other designs!).

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NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH by Cameron Francis

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH by Cameron Francis

Funny, commercial, engaging and insane FUN, 'Nothing But The Truth' is the perfect packet trick. It slips into your pocket, but plays HUGE! It is self working (with some more advanced handling options offered on the DVD) and leaves a lasting impression on audiences of all sizes!

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New to the art of Magic

Close up Magic and Street Magic

Are fantastic for performing to small groups of people and as part of street magic performances. Our range of close up magic includes numerous high quality instruction DVDs as well as a large selection of close up magic props, also browse our dedicated street magic category

Easy Tricks

Are you looking for easy Dynamo style tricks. Well strat here. We stock a large range of easy to learn tricks, all of which are ideal for the amateur magician of any age. If you want to find out how learn some easy tricks suitable for beginners then head on over to the beginners section of our magic shop. These tricks are an ideal way to learn the basics for many more advanced magic tricks. Although not too complex easy tricks are still great crowd pleasers. Please click here to view our magic shops full range of easy to learn magic tricks.

Card Tricks

Magic card tricks are undoubtedly the most popular types of magic trick, we offer a huge selection of Card Tricks here on our website. Our card tricks section is broken down into 4 sub categories: packet effects, card tricks with gimmicked decks, card tricks with gimmicked cards and general card tricks.

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