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Drop by Lyndon Jugalbot

Drop by Lyndon Jugalbot

The spectator freely chooses any card from the deck, they sign their name on the back of the card and the signed card is lost somewhere in the deck. Instantly, the signed card jumps straight to the top of the deck and the spectator can take that card back straight away.
Drop is extremely visual and very easy to do. You'll enjoy the great reaction you get when performing this effect.

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The Cockroach Catcher by Brian Watson

The Cockroach Catcher by Brian Watson

Get screams, squeals and shrieks at your gigs!

Cockroach Catcher is an entertaining routine with and exquisitely hand made
paddle that has a surprise ending! All the props are included together with an
instructional DVD.

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Spinnerets by Steven X

Spinnerets by Steven X

Spinnerets are the smallest thread reels in the world, and can be spun easily. With Spinnerets you can float an enormous variety of objects such as: cake, ice cream, meat balls, and much more. Spinnerets are undetectable from start to finish. Spinnerets eliminate the need to walk around like a marionette, always attached to a string. If the thread breaks, spin another directly under the spectator's nose. Your hands are always empty. There is nothing to hide or ditch.

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Travelling Deck 2.0 by Takel

Travelling Deck 2.0 by Takel

Imagine the scene - you take a pack of cards out of a card box.Then the entire deck vanishes with the exception of one card.You explain to the spectator that the deck has gone back inside the card box. You go back to the card box and take out the pack of cards - Amazing!

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