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Alpha Deck by Richard Sanders - Trick

Alpha Deck by Richard Sanders - Trick

Ref: F1970

In stock
Price 22.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Beginner

Type : Trick

Manufacturer : Richard Sanders


Richard Sanders SELF-WORKING, 3-phase miracle...with a mind-blowing ending.

This is "Do as I Do" on steroids!

The deck is divided in two. The performer touches any card in his half. The spectator touches any card in their half. When the cards are turned over, THEY MATCH in colour and number...2 RED ACES! With everyone burning the deck (watching it super closely), the effect is repeated. Miraculously, THE CARDS MATCH AGAIN...this time 2 BLACK ACES!
NOW HERE'S THE KILLER FINISH...You explain that they couldn't have chosen any other cards...literally...because there are none! The rest of the cards are turned over and THEY ARE ALL BLANK!

Alpha Deck comes with:

  • Blank Deck
  • Custom gimmicks
  • Full video tutorial

PLUS 7 POWERFUL EFFECTS that use a blank deck

Points to remember:

  • Alpha Deck is completely self-working
  • Alpha Deck instantly resets
  • Alpha Deck has no bad angles
  • Alpha Deck does NOT require any sleight of hand

Get it today and perform this 3-phase by Richard Sanders miracle tonight!

{Video Demo}

Customer Reviews

  Very good.Real attention grabber. Easy to preform   Found it easy to do and the re-set is almost instant. Ending is a great suprise for the spectators.  (25/10/2017) -