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Amazing Easy To Learn Magic Tricks - Rope Magic

Amazing Easy To Learn Magic Tricks - Rope Magic

Ref: D703

In stock
Price 9.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

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Rope magic is a powerful part of a magician’s act. Learn how to make the magic happen on this instructional DVD with just a piece of rope. Amaze your audience with Cut & Restored Rope, Endless Loop, Rope Thru Girl, and much more! Collect the series!

On This DVD:

  • Basic Routine
  • What Rope to Use?
  • Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 1)
  • Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 2)
  • Cut & Restored Rope (ver. 3)
  • Uneven Ends
  • Endless Loop
  • Rope Thru Neck
  • Rope Thru Girl
  • One-Handed Knot
  • Professor's Nightmare

  • {Demo}

    Customer Reviews

      Great for the price  Gives you the basics. I think it's good value for money.  (22/05/2016) Tom - UK