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Dude That's Cool Magic Starter Pack

Dude That's Cool Magic Starter Pack

Ref: D435

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Price 34.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

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We've hand picked a selection of awesome must have beginner items. This collection includes the following:

Vanishing Kit - The perfect solution for selling the secret of the vanishing silk. This kit includes 2 thumb tips (1 x Adult and 1 x Junior) and silk hankie.

Amazing Tricks With A Thumb Tip Booklet - Imagine having the power to vanish any small object, whenever you want! The "Thumb tip" is an indispensable tool for close-up magic.Just follow the step by step instructions and illustrations for maximum magic! Use the "Thumb tip" in a number of diabolical ways astound your audience.

Amazing Magic Tricks With Sponge Balls Booklet + 4 x 1.5" sponge balls - The perfect introduction to one of the fundamental branches of magic. Written for the amateur, but with material suitable for the performing pro. Here's what make sponge ball magic so strong: The magic happens in the spectator's hands. Sponge balls are colourful and interesting props. The tricks can happen anywhere - on stage or close-up. Basics learned in this book can be applied to other branches of magic.

Amazing Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck Booklet by Royal Magic + special Stripper cards - The Stripper Deck is one of the most versatile "trick" decks in existence. For years, it has been a favourite of professional magicians. With a minimum of skill and sleight of hand, you can use a Stripper Deck to perform hundreds of different magical miracles.

This book contains over 100 different tricks that can be performed with this special deck of cards. None of these tricks require complicated sleight of hand.

This book will teach you how to:
Separate the red cards from the black ones - by simply cutting the pack!
Instantly locate the four aces after the cards have been shuffled by a spectator!
Force several spectators to think they've all selected the same card!
Locate a selected card by sense of touch alone!
And much, much more!

Amazing Magic Tricks with a Svengali Deck Booklet by Royal Magic + special Svengali cards - This terrific booklet will show you 101 spectacular magic tricks using one of the most ingenious magical tools, The Svengali Deck.

Don't limit your use of this fabulous deck to one or two effects. With this booklet, you can learn to use the special secret of the Svengali Deck to perform incredible feats.

Learn such effects as: Mind reading, Bigger and Better, The Svengali Tap, The Svengali Scramble, The Telepathic Tattle, Bottom's Up, Good Vibrations and many, many more! You can look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just a few short moments. This is the perfect companion to Royal Magic's Svengali Deck!

Dynamic Coins - This beautiful, precision-made brass trick enables you to perform an intriguing and unbelievable sequence of effects with 10pence coins - make them appear, disappear and even transform - a real reputation maker!

The Professor's Nightmare Rope trick. - The performer shows three separate pieces of rope each of a different length. A short piece, a medium piece and a long piece. The performer folds the three pieces of rope and when the ropes are unfolded, all three pieces of rope are the same length. The ropes are then folded again and when unfolded. They are back to their original lengths (small, medium, long).