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Stripper Deck (Bicycle Brand)

Stripper Deck (Bicycle Brand)

Ref: A018

In stock
Price 6.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

Type :

Easy To DO!

No Sleight Of Hand Required!

An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles - yet is EASY TO DO.



passing the deck of cards out for examination yet having uncanny control over selected cards shuffled into the deck
making selected cards appear on the top of the deck like true magic
instantly producing the four aces
or, many, many other uses.

Includes thorough, illustrated instructions by World Champion Magician - DARYL giving you all the details!

Customer Reviews

  Lots of uses.  A standard you can't do without, especially going from table to table. Without giving anything away, its multi use and repeat use. If you're feeling experimental try more than one, (no, I don't work for the company), perhaps another colour- lots of possibilities. Price as good as you'll get onthenet  (02/06/2017) Michael Keenan - Norfolk