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Chop Cup, Cups and Balls

The cups and balls is a classic of magic said to be the oldest form of magic on record with documents dating back to its existence as long as two thousand years ago. The most common version of cups and balls uses three cups and three small cork balls. The magician would magically make the balls vanish only to reappear under the cups. The routine often climaxes with the seemingly impossible but shock production of larger objects such as oranges or other suitably sized objects.

A more recent development of the cups and balls is the "Chop Cup". Invented by Al Wheatley in the 1950's. It's a variation of the cups and balls but it contains a secret which allows a little more versatility. A normal routine for the chop cup would be one cup and seemingly just one ball. The ball would be vanished using sleight of hand by the magician only to reappear under the cup. This would continue until the surprise climax which would typically end with the appearance of a small fruit or large balls. A super performance of a chop cup routine by Paul Daniels can be found on youtube. We urge you to check it out.

We also stock combo cups and balls. These comprise of two regular cups and one matching chop cup.