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David Regal's Clarity Box (Prop + Instructional DVD)

David Regal's Clarity Box (Prop + Instructional DVD)

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Card to canister... with a clear difference.

When unveiled at The Magic Castle, magicians returned over and over to watch the moment that seemed impossible... when a card that had been isolated within a clear box turned out to be a spectator's signed selection.

The folded card was NEVER out of sight. It was tipped out of the box and cleanly unfolded, yet it was their signed card.

That my friends, in essence, is The Clarity Box.

But wait, The object need not be a card. Oh no, get this, It can be a signed banknote (of your own currency), or a written prediction - truly a great utility prop.

This twist on Bruno Hennig's classic card-to-canister effect possesses a clear difference: The object that is to be visibly poured from the container is in plain view at all times.

The quality of The Clarity Box is exquisite. Custom-fashioned from thick, sparkling acrylic it has the look of a miniature museum showcase.

  • It's is practical. Its base measures only 22.5 inches (that's roughly 5 x 6.5cm) - place it anywhere. And it resets in a just one second.
  • It's totally customizable. Use supplied design ideas or make up your own.
  • It's simple. Trust us, you will enjoy watching yourself practice it in front of the mirror.. and be amazed.

The Kit contains:
One custom-made Clarity Box, folded card gimmick, extra blank gimmick (for customization), art for design options and of course the instructional DVD.

The Clarity Box is already be hailed by many as the "magic trick of the year" but we understand that you still might not be swayed - Well let's just see what the experts have to say

David Regal's Clarity Box is the most magical revelation of a playing card I have seen. Trust me on that. - Dean Dill

Every once in a while, magicians strike gold. David Regal has created and produced the perfect close-up illusion. - Jim Steinmeyer

There have been several versions and improvements on the Bruno Hennig card box, but David Regal's version is one that I feel Bruno himself would highly approve of. It takes the effect to a different level. I'm certainly going to use it and if Fred Kaps were alive I'm sure he would do so also. It's the ultimate answer to an already ingenious revelation. - Johnny Thompson

The illusion is so complete, your brain will not even think "switch." - John Bannon

One of my favourite tricks made better by one of my favourite magicians. Regal's take on the Card in the Box effect is shear genius. - Mike Caveney

Brilliant. So good you'll perform it for yourself. - R. Paul Wilson

Regal has done it again. The Clarity Box is clearly amazing and utterly, totally, 100% fooling. - Andy Nyman

I am very impressed by the thinking that went into The Clarity Box. David Regal is diabolical. - Lance Burton

David has taken a major step forward with Clarity; he's really thinking "inside the box." Nothing is hidden, everything is transparent - except the method! Bruno Hennig and Fred Kaps would themselves have been fooled. - Simon Aronson

Illusions are never clear; this must be magic. - Dave Buck

With The Clarity Box, David Regal has taken a classic trick that was already perfect… and made it BETTER. - John Lovick

This is really clever. I want one! - Eugene Burger


{Product Review}

Dude that’s cool magic written product reviews.
Full time and award winning magician Guy Portlock gives his thoughts on the latest releases.

Clarity Box by David Regal

What you get
Dvd and gimmick

Any cool tricks?
Just watch the demo and you’ll know it’s really cool. A signed card appearing in a see thru box which has been in full show at the start of the routine.

Okay how easy?
Okay so the gimmick does a lot of the work for you and is really well made. However you will need some skills if you’re new to magic. For experience magicians you’ll be performing it as soon as you want to.

Porters Thoughts
As a big fan of card magic I always like seeing ingenious gimmicks that can enhance a card routine. The clairity box certainly does that and will completely fry spectators. The fact the card is in full show from the beginning in a CLEAR box is I think the really cool thing as in most routines the ‘something is inside an envelope or box’ but with this you’re hiding nothing. It looks so clean as well and frankly magicial. I’ve mentioned cards but the great thing about the box is you can use if for a bill/note routine or a written prediction. It reminds me of when I first used David Stones card to phone routine but again that was hidden rather than on show. My only concern about this is you have to make the decision whether you want or have room for something else in your pocket. If you’re a full time worker then pocket space as we know is very important and this although not big (check the dimensions on product description) will take up some space. Also if you already do a folded card to impossible location do you want to do another one? Any other issues?? Well some angles aren’t great but I’m pretty sure if you’re experienced with crowd control it really isn’t going to be an issue. Enjoy, you’ll get great reactions for sure.
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