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Clean Cash by Marc Oberon - Euro Version

Clean Cash by Marc Oberon - Euro Version

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A bill switch so eye popping it looks like real magic!

Starting with a blank piece of paper, a simple wave of the hand creates a real 20 Euro banknote!

Clean Cash is magic that a real magician would do, and something that your spectators can really relate to. It's like a license to print money!

Marc Oberon has created a brand new method to this classic of magic, which eliminates any unnatural moves. The performer's hands are clearly seen to hold only the paper or the note, with no funny moves or 'thumb tips' in sight. It is easy to do, simple to adjust to any currency, and looks so incredibly open and fair that your spectators will be stunned by this magical effect!

The magician displays a blank piece of paper to the audience. With a simple wave of the hand, it magically changes into a 20 Euro note!

Clean Cash is an exceptionally visual bill switch that allows the performer to demonstrate something that most people only dream of which is to change a blank piece of paper into a genuine banknote with just a mere wave of the hand, this is an eye popping change, which looks great, and is unique because at the end, both hands are seen to be completely 'clean'. They are seen to hold only the newly created banknote with no magic 'thumbs' or extra notes in sight. This is a bill change where everything seems so incredibly open, fair and 'clean', which makes for an awesome magical effect.

Marc teaches 3 Clean Cash handlings (Advanced, Intermediate and easy) all are well within the realms of the total beginner. Also shown is a method to make the bill examinable by a spectator.

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Clean Cash by Marc Oberon

Full time and award winning magician Guy Portlock gives his thoughts on the latest releases.

What you get
Dvd with gimmick

Any cool tricks?
A classic in magic! A bill change, imagine being able to turn paper into money and back again! Spectators love it.

Okay how easy?

As a bill change goes this is not too difficult at all, a bit of practise and you’ll be wowing everyone with this.

Porters Thoughts
Another year goes by another bill change comes on the market. However that’s not a surprise though, as all magicians know that spectator’s love the idea of printing their own money. So what makes this better or worse than one’s we’ve seen already? This looks very clean and fair as the demo shows, plus it is pretty easy to do, there are 3 versions of it, basic up to more advanced but all are achievable with a bit of work. If you’ve never done a bill change then this would be a good one to get you going for sure. I’m never a big fan of starting with a piece of paper that I’ve produced as I like a bill change where I borrow a note from a spectator. However I’m sure if you get your thinking caps on you’ll come up with a way to perform this so it appears very off the cuff to the spectator. Marc also show’s a way of handing out the note as well but this is not the standard version and does require a bit more work from the magician. All in all an interesting take on this type of trick and worth checking out. However if you already do a bill change I don’t think you’re getting a lot of benefits if you were to learn this one.

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