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Cosmos Duo by Greg Rostami

Cosmos Duo by Greg Rostami

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UK Exclusive: This item is currently only available in the UK from us here at Dude That's Cool Magic!


The pros at Mindvention 2013 were calling "Cosmos Duo" the best Out-of-this-world they've ever seen.


The odds against you are ASTRONOMICAL. Yet you're about to pull off one of the greatest miracles ever seen with a deck of cards...

A deck is shuffled by your spectator, and shown to be thoroughly mixed.

1. You instruct your spectator to randomly deal the cards into two piles, one-at-a-time until the entire deck has been dealt to the table.

2. Now you reveal the miracle: Without consciously knowing how, she has dealt all the red cards into one pile, and all the black into the other. A PERFECT SEPARATION.

The mysteries of the Cosmos are truly amazing.

On this video, Greg Rostami will teach you two different versions of Cosmos. This is an Out-Of-This-World routine that will fool top magicians, yet is surprisingly easy to perform. Whether you've never done a card trick in your life, or you're a seasoned pro, Cosmos Duo is a universal reputation maker.


Customer Reviews

  A fantastic trick  Greg teaches wonderfully, and he gives ideas that are simply awesome!   (04/04/2016) Mark - Bighton

  Love it!  The way this is achieved is utterly genius! What an elegant trick. I've had such a good response to this trick. It's an absolute favourite that I will be keeping on me all of the time. Requires a little practice, but not much whatsoever.   (20/05/2016) Carl - USA

  completely worth it!!  Happens exactly like as seen on the demo video, pure easy magic...if you need a killer trick get it!   (24/05/2016) Brad - USA

  A fantastic trick  The way in which this is achieved is totally genius! What a beautiful trick. I've not had this sort of good response to this trick for years. It's an absolute favourite that I will probably be keeping on me continually. Takes a little practice, but not much. I Strongly recommend.   (02/06/2016) Simon - Torbay

  Great out of this world  Boom - Got this today and knocked the socks of my roommate within minutes - I love it and it's super easy.   (19/05/2016) Nate - Manchester

  Great trick  Love this trick. A Real worker. Well worth a punt.   (23/06/2016) Richard. Dougal - London

  Super Easy  If your interested in this type of trick then I'd recommend snapping this up. You wont regret it   (18/05/2016) Simone - France

  Cosmos Duo by Greg Rostami  Nice effect, the gimmick is fairly common. I do like Greg Rostami's handling. It's so easy to do and well worth a punt.   (26/05/2016) Zak - USA