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Firestarters by Jay Sankey

Firestarters by Jay Sankey

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The Real Secrets to Getting Dates with Close-Up Magic and Mentalism!

Your love life will never be the same!

Featuring 17 brand new MAXIMUM INTIMACY close-up and mentalism effects, this DVD is guaranteed to turn up the heat between you and your audience!

At the same time, Jay teaches you exactly how to determine real prospects, communicate your interest and availability, encourage flirting, fuel chemistry and (most importantly) GET THAT PHONE NUMBER!

Jay also shares an exciting collection of 24 "firestarter tips," the insightful information you need to get the sparks flying night after night! Learn how to "Make Compliments," "Express Success," "Appeal to Her Every Sense," "Make Her the Star," and so much more!

Jay even includes valuable information on "Making the Phone Call," "The First Date," and "How to Get ANY Woman's Phone Number!"

1. Hotlink: A romantic drawing comes to life!
2. Whisper: The perfect excuse to whisper a secret into her ear!
3. Wholehearted: Tear and restore a tissue heart!
4. Kinky: Who knew the Jokers were sexual deviants?
5. Dotcom: The perfect way to get her e-mail address!
6. Electric Currency: Create enough heat to bend a borrowed quarter!
7. Double Vision: Prove you are able to hypnotize her!
8. Under the Table: Hold hands with her! (Yes-under the table!)
9. Eye2Eye: Lock eyes with her and create a psychic connection!
10. Hundred Dollar Kiss: You'll thank Jay for every kiss on the cheek!
11. Sexual Healing: Use animal attraction to heal a torn card!
12. Guiding Rhythm: The "pulse effect" handling inspires goosebumps!
13. Soul Mates: Demonstrate the power of love!
14. Birthday Suit: A "real world" psychic routine!
15. Destined: Challenge fate for her phone number!
16. Heated Exchange: Trade phone numbers in eye-popping fashion!
17. V.I.P. (Very Intimate Prediction): She'll ask for YOUR phone number!

Running Time Approximately 178min

Firestarters by Jay Sankey