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Diamond Display - 4 Playing Card Case by EB (SO)

Diamond Display - 4 Playing Card Case by EB (SO)

Ref: 64609

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Skill Level : No Skill Required

Type : Playing Cards

We proudly present the world's first 3D printed 4-deck display!

It's more than just a simple card case designed to protect your precious playing cards. It's a beautiful piece that looks incredibly elegant on any desk!

The front and the back of the case are made of clear high quality plexiglass (plastic), while the frame and the support are 3D printed using bioplastic (PLA).

Each piece takes almost 8 hours to print and everything is manually assembled. What you hold in your hand at the end is the result of more than 320 hours of testing and printing.

The whole display is angled 15°, and this small but amazing detail gives it a unique and modern look.

  • Very easy to replace the decks
  • Perfect fit for any standard deck
  • The frame and the main support are made of bioplastic (PLA)
  • The display is angled which gives it a magical look -- 23 x 24 x 10 cm (9 x 9.4 x 4 inches) - assembled
  • Video instructions for assembling the support are included.
The unique design and arrangement of the decks makes this 4-deck display perfect for your favorite playing cards. Your collection will look awesome when showcased in this manner!

Designed, created and printed by magicians Eduard & Bianca.

*Note: The 4-card case display comes without the decks.

**Note: Do not keep the case exposed to direct sunlight/high temperatures for a long term