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Dude That's Cool Magic - Born to Perform Tin of Tricks

Dude That's Cool Magic - Born to Perform Tin of Tricks

Ref: F1185

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Price 39.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level: Not Rated


Manufacturer: Not Available


This is our best magic set offering remarkable value for money. The contents have been handpicked for the novice that wants to take their magic a little more seriously.

Box Contents

INVISIBLE Deck with Oz Pearlman (DVD + Props)
Possibly one of the greatest card trick ever created. This package includes a Bicycle Brand Invisible Deck and a training DVD featuring magician Oz Pearlman. Oz will help you master the Invisible Deck quickly and easily. You'll also learn how to use your Invisible Deck in ways many magicians never imagine.

Born to Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman (DVD + Deck of Bicycle Branded Cards)
The most influential card DVD of the last decade. Go from beginner to PRO with a deck of cards! By the time you're finished you'll have learned 7 full-length professional card tricks. You'll master the fundamentals, learn four of the most powerful controls, develop three high-powered forces and pick up five ultra-visual flourishes.

Sponge by Jay Noblezada (DVD + Props)
Sponge balls are simple. All we're talking about is a four-pack of 2 inch balls made of sponge (included). But there's a reason top professionals use sponge balls when they're getting paid to perform. The entertainment potential is HUGE!
Jay Noblezada has put together a course that will take you from beginner to pro with sponge balls faster than ever before. You'll start with the basics and build toward complete routines you can do in professional walk-around situations.
Along the way you'll improve your sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and all-around performance skills.

Wild Card (DVD + Props)
Some of the best card magicians in the world have tried to take the basic Wild Card plot and make it better. All of them have failed. Until now! Gerry Griffin will not only teach you the basic routine, he will show you a multitude of variations that will fit any performers style. Dare to Learn the Mystery!

Perfect Bill Tube
Imagine this, A spectator signs a banknote and places it under a black cloth. The spectator is also given a brass tube sealed with a lock. The performer takes the cloth away to reveal that the signed banknote has vanished! The spectator unlocks the tube. Inside is the spectator's signed banknote!
Age range 13+
{Demo - INVISIBLE Deck}

{Demo - Born to Perform}

{Demo - Sponge}

{Demo - Wild Card}

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