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Egyptian Ink (DVD and Gimmick) by Abdullah Mahmoud and SansMinds

Egyptian Ink (DVD and Gimmick) by Abdullah Mahmoud and SansMinds

Ref: F1553

In stock
Price 24.49 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level: Beginner

Type: DVD

Manufacturer: SansMinds Productionz

Quite often a transpo effect requires a duplicate object to complete the effect.

What if you can take away that restriction?

Abdullah Mahmoud, from Egypt, has created a way to vanish the spectator's signature on their coin and have it appear on another.

This is more than just a moving ink effect.

Egyptian Ink allows you to create an impossible moment and souvenir between you and your spectators.

You have to check out the trailer to experience the impossible!

* Gimmick included

* Works with any currency

Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights. {Video Demo}

Customer Reviews

  Sweet  I had to think twice before buying this. I'm glad I went ahead. Its a nice effect and very easy to do.  (21/06/2016) Mark - UK

  Egyptian Ink - Get it  Nice effect and easy to do!   (21/06/2016) Col - Swindon

  Happy  Pleasantly surprised at how easy this was, the teaching is good and the handling is smooth. As for refills, you can get them a staples very cheaply. It pasted this missus test so Im happy   (21/06/2016) Scotty - Wiltshire

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