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Horse Of A Different Colour by Dave Johnson

Horse Of A Different Colour by Dave Johnson

Ref: E697

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Imagine walking up to someone and having them THINK OF ANY CARD. Running through the deck you pull out their selected card and set it aside. The rest of the deck is shuffled face up to face down. Their thought of card changes colours (red back with a blue deck or vice versa.) Then the deck becomes unmixed and the BACKS ALL CHANGE TO MATCH THE BACK OF THE THOUGHT OF CARD.

This multiple climax effect has been tested in front of thousands of people and every single time the reaction is the same... PURE STUNNER!

Dave Johnson has put in both the time and thought to bring you a routine that can be done surrounded and with any thought of card. He has used this for a long time as the opening routine at the restaurants he works. It is also great for corporate events. It combines the ideas that you have to both roll with the punches and be adaptable to change. It's a great trick for children also. Normally, kids do not like card magic unless there is a colour change so this works for them, too. If you are a magician (restaurant, corporate or doing birthday parties) buy this trick now.

Here are the reviews:

"A very strong, "in the hands" colour changing triumph." - Jon Armstrong

"I don't even like card tricks but I like this one." - Gary Darwin

"Fried. I have no idea how it's done." - Kozmo, Founder of Reel Magic Magazine

"The perfect twist on a classic routine!" - Reuben Moreland, Creator or FourFit

"Very fooled. Whenever I thought I had the method, you pulled out the rug from under me." - Justin Flom, Creator of Card Artistry

"That was fresh. Do yourself a favor and pick one up." - Calen Morelli, Creator of Dresscode

What comes with the trick is:

  • An instruction booklet
  • Access to online video instructions
  • The Gimmick

  • Also required (not supplied) - Standard Bicycle Rider Back Deck Playing Cards