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Just Imagine (with DVD) by Jay Sankey

Just Imagine (with DVD) by Jay Sankey

Ref: C402

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Price 15.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Not Rated

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The mentalist places an envelope on the table. A spectator chooses any card from the pack. Then she chooses any one of six different colored "invisible" markers. Finally, she merely THINKS of any of four common shapes. She is instructed to JUST IMAGINE herself drawing the shape she has in mind on the face of the card she is thinking of with the invisible magic marker. (You may want to read that last sentence again.) Then, when the tabled envelope is opened, inside is found the matching card and on its face, drawn in the same freely chosen color, is the shape she had in mind! This one is completely crazy! Comes complete with Bicycle cards, envelope and an instructional DVD featuring ADDED INFORMATION and NEW BONUS HANDLINGS!

Along with the classic handling, the amazing bonus information on the instructional dvd includes two super-clean alternative envelope handlings plus two killer ideas where the spectator can think of ANY number between 1-20 or even the first letter of ANYBODY they know. And again, both are 100% free choices! Truly incredible!