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Lethal Weapons featuring Stephen Leathwaite

Lethal Weapons featuring Stephen Leathwaite

Ref: E406

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This is Lethal Weapons. A collection of hard hitting routines from the amazing Stephen Leathwaite. Running at nearly two and a half hours, this DVD features seven routines that hit hard and pack a punch! Featured is Stephen's brilliant 'Disposable' vanishing lighter routine that has been an underground hit for some time. At last it's available, complete with detailed routines and supplied PDF with everything you need to amaze YOUR audiences!

Stephen's amazing vanishing lighter routine. Borrow a lighter and light a cigarette with it. Now watch your audience freak out as you VISIBLY take their lighter and crush it, giving it to them to hold! Watch the reactions on the trailer to see just how strong this routine is! Comes with three versions enabling you to perform 'Disposable' in any situation.

Kindred Spirit
Two spectators each have a deck of cards. Each freely chooses three cards and places them into various pockets. The magician doesn't need to touch the decks at any time and yet when they reach into each pocket, the same matching cards are found in each one. Same cards and same pocket positions! Easy to do and almost self-working!

Snap & Revert
A card is chosen, signed and placed back into the deck. The magician now truns over the top card and signs it. Two cards with two random signatures. The magician now shows the deck with his card face up on top. He now visibly dribbles the cards onto the table and visibly and instantly, the spectators card appears face up on top of the magicians card, travelling all the way from the centre of the deck! That's not the end though, as the magician takes the audience into the world of revert where the cards fuse together!

A dream of strange coincidences...The magician shows a blue backed card in his pocket. The spectator chooses a red backed card and signs it on the face, placing it back in the center of the deck, jutting out in full view. The magician now removes the blue backed card from his pocket and shows that it matches the selection. He then stuns the spectator by making her signature jump from her red backed card, sitting in full view throughout, onto the magicians blue backed card!

A super clean and visual sandwich routine!

Flip Flop
The advanced version of SNAP that you'll lover to perform.

Triplets of Fate
The spectator stops the magician at three cards and places them into their pockets. Any pockets. Any order. The magician now tells the spectator he has three cards in each pocket, placed there before the show. The magician removed HIS cards first, one at a time and each card not only matches the spectators, but they are also in the same pocket positions. A reputation making routine.

Featuring in-depth instruction on the Heli-Palm, Flip Flop Control, One-Handed Deal, The Clock cut and Transformer Control.

Worldwide Playback
Shot in High-Definition 1920x1080

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