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MFX Card (Red) by Mon Yap - Trick

MFX Card (Red) by Mon Yap - Trick

Ref: F1886

In stock
Price 18.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

Skill Level : Intermediate

Type : Trick

Manufacturer : Taiwan Ben Magic Shop

MFX Card will allow you to perform an amazing "Bite-Off/Straw Through" Combo Restored effect:
Imagine having the spectator select one card, no forcing. The card is signed and lost in the middle of the deck.
Now for the magic! Find the selected card by placing the deck in your mouth. The cards are then taken from your mouth and spread to show that one card in the deck has a bite mark.

Next, you SPIT BACK the piece onto the card (similar to Bite Coin). In a blink of an eye, their card will be FLAWLESSLY RESTORED! The card is shown to be the selected, signed selection!!

Now imagine, you have a card selected, then you take a straw to penetrate the chosen card.
Nothing to hide, it's just a playing card with a hole in the center. You remove the straw and you blow through the straw.
The hole on the playing card is restored under the eyes of your spectators! Then, you give the card to the spectator to keep!
  • Highly visual effect
  • No forcing card required
  • Self-contained gimmick 2 in 1 card
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Online tutorial video
{Video Demo}

Customer Reviews

  Great reactions!  There's a lot of packet tricks/gimmick cards out there which are "one trick wonders", so it's refreshing to have something a little more versatile. Slip it into a wallet, or into a tuck box with a normal deck of cards, and you've got two highly visual effects ready to go! Well made, great value.  (29/06/2017) Dazza B - Weston-super-Mare

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