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Mentalism is growing in popularity thanks to the mentalist like Derren Brown , Keith Barry, David Berglas and Bob Cassidy. Mentalism is a performing art in which the magician, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate skills that include mind reading and mind control.

We've several subsections within this part of our store. You'll find Mentalism tricks sale they are generally self contained and include all the basics props or gimmicks necessary to perform the stated effect or trick.

We've a great selection of Mentalism DVD's. They have been put together by some of the world greatest mentalist and Mentalism producers. If reading is your thing, we've also several books on Mentalism, these can be found within our Mentalism Books subsection. If you fancy yourself as the next Uri Geller or Banachek Then head on over to our Metal Bending section. Here you'll find gimmicks, Props and DVD's that will allow or teach yu how to bend metal objects such as Forks, Keys and coins