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Oil Over Troubled Water by Kim Wist and Christian Engblom (DVD and Gimmick)

Oil Over Troubled Water by Kim Wist and Christian Engblom (DVD and Gimmick)

Ref: F0365

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Price 18.75 (Incl. VAT at 20%)
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Skill Level: Beginner

Type: Trick

Manufacturer: Kim Wist and Christian Engblom


This just might be the most diabolical oil and water effect ever created.

"This trick is as close to perfection as you can get and it will fool literally everybody." Roberto Giobbi

"I keep watching it over and over and have absolutely no idea how he does it. Brilliant." Bill Kalush

This is a show-stopping performance piece suitable for both extreme close-up and TV appearances. The visual quality of this trick and the dramatic build make it ideal for "special" performances or as a set close-up piece.

The Effect:
You show an intriguing deck of cards: some have red backs and some have blue backs. You clearly show the whole deck missed in this fashion. This you remove three red backed cards and three blue backed cards and proceed to preform a two phase oil and water routine with an additional climax. These phases look amazing and culminate by separating the colours in the spectator's hands! You then reveal that you have separated the entire deck by colour.

WHY? Here are three reasons why we think this is great:

1. It's a full routine with inherent resetting properties, making it practical for street magic, or as a theatre piece. It not only gives you great phases with a small packet, but also a full-deck ending.
2. You are supplied with everything you need; the special deck and instructional DVD.
3. It's within the range of every performer and easy to learn. {Video Demo}

Customer Reviews

  Love it love it love it.  It is absolutely easy to perform and can be instantly reset. I sometimes do just the first two phases and when I have a table I do all three.  (21/02/2017) Steve - London

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