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Powerful Rope Magic by Jeremy Pei

Powerful Rope Magic by Jeremy Pei

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Their Jaws Will Drop in Utter Amazement...

"Astonishing Rope Miracles, You Can Perform in Minutes!"

"Plug-in" And Super Charge Your Performance Repertoire

Routine #1- Hyper Knot

You cause a knot to magically jump to another colored rope instantly in front of their eyes. Watch The Demo Video Above Again For This Stunning Knot Transposition. Next the knot is untied to be part of the other colored rope.

Routine #2- Hanging Knots

Using a single piece of rope, You will cause knots to magically turn invisible one at a time and catch them back onto the rope at one go!

Routine #3- Professor's Remix

In this Variation of the Classic Professor's Nightmare, You will be able to perform 2 versions of my routine whereby 3 indifferent length of ropes magically transform into the same length, then only to end off transforming into One Long Piece of rope instantly! You will have a lot of fun performing this one.

Routine #4- Impossible Walking Knot

You can cause a knot on the rope to magically slide up and down and untie at a position to show that it is indeed 2 pieces. Next, you allow your spectator to slide the knot for you! Till they feel that the knot is tight in the middle of the rope, you untie again to show that it is yet again 2 pieces of rope. You then proceed to join these 2 pieces of rope back into one long piece.

This is my variation to Pavel's Award Winning "Super Walking Knot" whereby your audience can actually feel the sliding of the knot with their own hands! Many Magician's Told Me "The Move" Fooled Them.

Routine #5- In-Half

You cut a piece of rope in half, clearly showing it in 2 separate pieces then magically join it back into one whole piece! You can immediately repeat this effect!

Routine #6- Linked

You tie 3 pieces of ropes into loops and proceed to perform a sequence of linking and unlinking ala the classic Chinese Linking Rings. In this classic piece, I share some of my original moves for the Linking Ropes Routine.

Routine #7- Rope Penetration

Using 2 pieces of rope, You proceed to perform a stunning illusion of passing the ropes through your Neck! Then do it again this time with your Body!

Wait There Is More...

Jeremy Pei's Original Method to construct Your Own Custom Gimmick Rope Set to perform the routines in this DVD. This Is The Exact Method That Took Jeremy 8 Years To Research And Experiment, in order to create one of the most deceptive rope gimmick set ever!

Running Time Approximately: 108mins

Note: DVD is PAL format and can be viewed on computers with a DVD drive.