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Sponge (DVD and 4 Sponge Balls) by Jay Noblezada

Sponge (DVD and 4 Sponge Balls) by Jay Noblezada

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Sponge balls are simple. All we're talking about is a four-pack of 2 inch balls made of sponge. But there's a reason top professionals use sponge balls when they're getting paid to perform.

The entertainment potential is HUGE.

When you're out on the streets. When you're working a party. When you're working a restaurant gig. If you've got sponge balls in your pocket, you've got five minutes of the most memorable and fun magic on earth. They jump. They pop. They hide. They multiply. And they do it in your spectator's hands!

But, your sponge balls won't do the work for you. You've got to ENTERTAIN with them! That's where Noblezada comes in.

Noblezada has put together a course that will take you from beginner to pro with sponge balls faster than ever before. You'll start with the basics and build toward complete routines you can do in professional walk-around situations.

Along the way you'll improve your sleight-of-hand, misdirection, and all-around performance skills.

Classics are classics for a reason. Adding sponge balls to your repertoire is one of the best decisions in magic.

You'll learn:
Palms and Concealments
- finger palm
- front clip
- thumb palm
- back thumb clip
- sponge ball classic
- standard vanish
- thumb palm vanish
- retention vanish
- take vanish
- french drop
- 2 hand vanish
- misdirection
- push out
- pinch production (Gary Darwin)
- stage production
- pocket steals
Loads and Splits
- standard load
- bold load
- the shuttle pass
- sawing in half
- rip split
- optical split
- final loads
-full length routine
- 2 in the hand, 1 in the pocket
- the 10 count
Special Bonus

Go backstage to Gary Darwin's museum where Darwin teaches over a dozen techniques--retention vanishes, productions, steals, entire routines... Darwin is a legend, and this is your chance to learn from the man himself.

Running Time Approximately 90min

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Customer Reviews

  Jay Noblezada Rock's  A nice way to get into sponge ball magic. Jay Noblezada is so cool  (21/05/2016) Tom - USA

  Wow - So much material  I learned so much from this. Well worth the price!   (21/05/2016) Andy - Bath, UK

  Works for me  After i started to street magic i bought this and i would have to say at any time I pull this out and begin attracting the crowds. Sponge earned more money for than any other trick i own.   (21/05/2016) Iain - USA

  It even includes Sponge Balls  This DVD has all you need to become a sponge ball pro!   (21/05/2016) -

  Nice  Ive never used sponge balls before. I like Jays teaching style. For me this was a good buy   (21/05/2016) Mr Magic - UK

  Some good stuff and well priced  I like sponge ball magic :-)   (21/05/2016) -

  Good stuff  This is a great dvd for beginners but you will have to practice   (21/05/2016) -