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The Business of Street Magic by Will Stelfox

The Business of Street Magic by Will Stelfox

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Whether you're new to magic of already performing the occasional show, Will Stelfox will show you how he went from learning his first magic trick to becoming a full time successful street performer in under a year. In this comprehensive DVD, Will teaches you the five phases that turn complete strangers into satisfied audiences who are glad to pay you then and there for your entertainment. He then covers the different personalities that spectators have, and shows you how to treat each of them in a different way for the best results.

Will Stelfox also teaches you how to appear as a professional, which often acquires paid events from audience members. Afterwards, he goes into the stages that allow you to safely make the transition from your day job into performing magic as a career. To help you get started, Will Stelfox also teaches you his touches on the magical coin levitation and also teaches you a card transposition that leaves the spectator in 100% belief that you stole their signed card out of THEIR pocket. With real-time performances on the streets, in-depth teaching sessions and an exclusive interview with Andrew Gerard, this DVD is an instant staple of any magician's arsenal.

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 28min

"Get this DVD and by the time it's over, you'll have everything you need to decide whether or not you want to be a full time street performer."
Jeff Stone, MagicReviewed.com 2/4/2013

"Will Stelfox shows how to turn tricks into a modest if hard-won income..."
Jared Brandon Kopf, Magic Magazine 5/31/2013