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TnR by Mathieu Bich

TnR by Mathieu Bich

Ref: D982

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Price 19.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

A playing card is selected then shuffled back into the deck. An indifferent card is shown and torn into four separate pieces. What happens next will turn your mind inside out.

Slowly and methodically you begin to restore the card, piece-by-piece.

Each segment of the card is shown clearly and fairly before it is visibly restored onto the next. The motions are completely logical and silky smooth. NO funny movements.

The restoration is a masterpiece of aesthetic perfection - but it's not over yet. Without hesitation, you turn the restored card over to reveal that it has transformed into the spectator's selection.

TnR is a trick that defines visual magic. If you could genuinely restore a torn playing card, this is EXACTLY what it would look like. Shot in high definition in Las

Vegas, Nevada with 85 minutes of intricate instruction by Chris Kenner - creator of the legendary Torn Asunder

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