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Tossing Broads by Tony Giorgio - Book (SO)

Tossing Broads by Tony Giorgio - Book (SO)

Ref: 45494

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Skill Level: Advanced

Type: Book

Manufacturer: Tony Giorgio

In the 19th Century Victorian British underworld slang, playing-cards were called broads. Playing a game of cards was known as "Spreading Broads." Cheating at cards was called "broading" and a card sharp was called a "broadsman". Tossing Broads is a gaffed game that cannot be beat; hence, the broad tosser plays a gaffed joint, or flat joint. A Three-Card Monte game with the prevailing myth is that the broad tossers used a queen as the winning card, and would say "Find the Lady."

Pages: 30 - Saddle Stitched

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