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Transfix by Ben Howard - Cards through case (PDF Download)

Transfix by Ben Howard - Cards through case (PDF Download)

Ref: F0676

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Skill Level : Not Rated

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Please note that this is a PDF Download


'This effect takes a classic stage illusion and puts it in the spectator’s hands.

Four random cards are selected by the spectator. The four cards are placed inside a card case and given to the spectator to hold at their fingertips.

Three of the four cards are removed, leaving the final card inside of the card case.
The remaining three cards are then pushed through the side of the card case and the selected

This can be viewed from all angles whilst the spectator is holding the case.

The three cards are removed from the side of the card case, along with the fourth card from inside of the case.

All four cards and the card case can be examined.'

A few points to keep in mind:
This can be viewed from all angles at all times.
The spectator holds the card case and can push to cards through themselves.
The card can be seen, heard and felt inside the case at any point during the effect.
The card case and cards can be examined.
Can be performed at any point during a routine.

This E-Book with provide you with all the information you need to make and perform this effect.'


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