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Uprising by Richard Sanders

Uprising by Richard Sanders

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A Master Class on the Impromptu Rising Card Miracle!

This project represents over 15 years of research, thought, experimentation and a great deal of practice into one of the greatest and one of the most classic card effects for the modern conjuror. Building on the work of legends like Fred Robinson, Eric Mason, Ken Krenzel and Richard Kaufman, Richard Sanders has redefined the classic rising card effect and transformed it into a true anytime, anywhere miracle with a deck of playing cards.

However, this project is not a fly by night, pipe dream.
The method used for Uprising is a solid workhorse of a technique.
The eerie, slow motion rise can be performed in any situation and even surrounded.
On this DVD absolutely nothing is held back. You will be privy to all the inside work on this amazing underground technique.

Richard Sanders explains the rise in every scenario with thoughts on angles, performing conditions, subtleties and much more.

PLUS learn the inside work on Sanders pet secret THOUGHT OF CARD TECHNIQUE.
Using this with Uprising creates a truly eerie and spooky piece of magic.

In addition to the DVD training you also receive a custom black silk.

Key Features of Uprising:
  • The one hand rise
  • The two hand rise
  • The hank rise
  • Thought of card rise
  • Thought of card technique session
  • Miracle psychology
  • and more

Use any deck
No gimmicks
Perform surrounded

What's Included:
Includes 60 minute training DVD
Custom black cloth