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WebMakers (Kevlar IT) by Rosenbaum - Trick (SO)

WebMakers (Kevlar IT) by Rosenbaum - Trick (SO)

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Price 13.99 (Incl. VAT at 20%)

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Utility Spooler - Contains one black, one white WebMaker - Each spool contains approximately 30' of stripped Kevlar IT.

The reloadable WebMakers locking utility spooler can quickly dispense IT for routines and effects at a moments notice, be used to create elaborate webwork, and when used with Rosenbaum's SkyHooks, create new effects and stunning miracles that are only now possible.

WebMakers are an essential complement to all of your thread effects, do not require expensive refill spools, and are very inexpensive to use.

WebMakers can be reloaded with most any IT and allows you the ability to reload with various types, lengths, and strengths of IT specific to your needs.

WebMakers are specifically designed for breaking thread and are quickly restored to working order with a simple and quick technique fully explained in the included instructions.

Each package contains two WebMakers (one black, one White), preloaded with approximately 30' of IT.

It's Ok Now.....Break Some Thread! {Video Demo}

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