About Us

Trusted by Magicians worldwide our UK-based online Magic Shop, caters to both the specialist and the amateur magician alike.

Now entering our 10th year of trading, we’re pleased to be able to offer a vast range of Magic Tricks covering all aspects of the magic world including, among others, close up, stage, mentalism and street magic tricks.

If you’re new to magic, take a look at our beginner’s magic tricks section where the secrets of many easy tricks can be revealed.

Instructional Magic DVD’s can be a fantastic way to learn magic. We have a massive selection of titles from some of the finest magic creators. Each DVD is packed with performances, demonstrations as well as full explanations.

If you prefer the written word, then jump right over to our magic book section and browse through the many titles available. Oh, and don’t forget, if you’re looking to keep yourself up to speed with the news and gossip within the world of magic then be sure to grab yourself any one of our magic magazines.

Yours Magically

Mike Busby
Dude That’s Cool Magic – More Tricks than you can shake your wand at!


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