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“A Piece Of My Mind” is collection of mentalism routines, discussions and principles by Michael Murray developed over a ten year period. Known the world over for his unique approach to mentalism plots this is sure to become a classic text upon this subject.

This book will contain all of the following and more…

  • Springboard (Principle and Routines) – Teach your spectators a skill that will allow them to read minds.
  • ATM (Routine) – Seemingly discern the PIN number of a random spectator and then wipe all traces of it from their memory.
  • Tattle Tailed (Routine) – Possibly the greatest ESP routine ever devised.
  • A Brave New World (Routine) – A brand new approach to the OOTW plot.
  • Dave’s PIN (Routine) – A propless method for revealing the PIN details of five spectators.
  • Picasso (Routine) – An in the minds design duplication of sorts.
  • Comparative Uncertainty Principle (Principle and Applications) – A method for truly reading your spectators thoughts.
  • The Pandora Principle (No Memory Reading System) – A simple system which will allow you to give highly accurate readings for certain people.
  • The Inversion Technique (Principle) – Change the way your spectators will think about your routines using a simple change in performance context.
  • Making it Memorable (Technique) – A method which will allow your spectators to recall your performances years after the event.
  • What Does a Mentalist Do? (Introduction) – A brief introduction into the propless section of the book.
  • Read My Mind (Short Essay) – A simple method for removing challenges from your spectators.
  • Principles Within Mentalism – A simple introduction into the use of principles within mentalism.
  • Small but Deadly (Technique) – Strengthen the way your audience interprets your effects using “favourable objections”.
  • Thought Unlinking (Principle and applications) – Learn how to do pre-show work “real time”.
  • Thoughts on Billet Work – Some thoughts and suggestions for the use of billet work which detail Michael’s thoughts on how/why thoughts should be written down.
  • The Circle of Truth (Short Essay) – An examination of the logic of billet work.
  • Crossword (Routine) – A billet routine which allows you to apparently write down the spectators thought ahead of time.
  • The Racket Switch (Technique) – A new method for switching a billet.
  • Animal Instincts – Discern your spectators thoughts using the answers to three questions.
  • Consulting the News (Suggestion/Routine) – Predict a word that is genuinely decided upon by two spectators.
  • On the Level – A method for building rapport with your spectators.
  • A Sight Unseen – A simple billet routine used to demonstrate some of the points highlighted earlier within the text.
  • The Boomerang Force (Principle and Routine) – A method for allowing you to control your spectators choices whilst they are changing their mind.
  • Cal-Ender (Principle and applications) – An amazing principle which takes advantage of a mysterious flaw within an iPhone calculator.
  • Daylight Robbery – (Routine) – Genuinely discern the PIN codes to two spectators mobiles (even Sherlock would be impressed).
  • Personal Identification Number (An Out) – A language based pseudo PIN number reveal.
  • Un-Real – (Principle/Routine) – A psychological quirk forms the basis of a “Liar Truth Teller” routine.
  • Sublime Influence (Routine) – Prove how your unconscious thoughts may be manipulated by what we see.
  • Bonus – Once Removed (Routine) – A novel take on the think a card plot.
  • Spectator as Mind Reader (Essay) – An essay which provides some insight into this often “loved or loathed” plot.
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