Doc Eason Card Under Glass, 2 DVD set by Kozmomagic

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A classic Bar trick brought to new heights…

With its origins in the magic bars of Chicago, the card under glass idea was popularized by Heba Haba Al (Andrucci). Al taught his version to Bob Sheets, who, in turn, fooled a young man named DOC EASON. Doc spent the next 35 years perfecting the trick and the routine. Slipping a card under a drink with an audience watching his every move is hard enough to do once but, even after telling his patrons he is going to do it, Doc does it an incredible 6 more times!

Also included:
TOOLBOX – instructions on the moves and sleights and psychology.
INTERVIEW“The Boisterous Participant” (or how to deal with hecklers)
DIRECTORS CUT – Doc explains every step of the routine while you watch him do it! Not just how, but the all-important why. It is an advanced lesson not only of card handling, but of CROWD handling.

MODULAR ROUTINE – each one of the tricks is strong enough to stand by itself. The full routine is over 30 minutes of entertainment! A roller coaster of fun and amazement!


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