Empty Tone by KISSER video (Download)

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Coins inside a card case multiply and change denomination!

No gimmicks. Immediately hand out for inspection.

Coins inside a card case multiply and multiply and multiply. And the case is clearly shown each time. There are no words that do justice in describing how clever, bold, and artful this trick is. And guess what? There’s no gimmick. You can have fun with this miracle using your own card case.


1 to 4
Place a coin inside a card case shown to be empty.
Shake the case and now there are two coins.
Open show the case again and put the two coins back in. This time, they multiply into four coins.

1 to 8
This routine adds a twist to the “1 to 4” routine to give you an ending with eight coins.

1,500 Trick
This uses three 500 coins.
Place two in the case, hold the other in your right hand.
But when you look inside the case, the coins turn into a 1,000-yen bill.
When you open your right hand, the 500-yen coin turns into five 100-yen coins.

Exchange 1
Put a 500-yen coin inside the card case, give it a little shake, and it turns into five 100-yen coins.
The inside of the case is empty.

Exchange 2
Put a 1000-yen bill inside the card case, give a shake, and it turns into two 500-yen coins.
The inside of the box is empty.

Put three coins inside the card case. They escape from the case one after the other.
Finally, the three coins disappear and reappear inside the case.

Download the video and learn all of these great effects.


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