Hanson Chien Presents ZOMBIE HAND, 2021 VERSION by Hanson Chien & Bob Farmer

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Make a Zombie Hand appears between your hands.

Your friends will see a creepy Zombie Hand reaches way out to snatch a coin – then disappears completely! They will be stunned.

You can not only produce a Zombie Hand in your hands, but also from a handful of leaves, dirt, candy, popcorn or coin purse. The possibilities are endless. Once the Zombie Hand has manifested itself, open your hands to reveal there is nothing.

Comes complete with hand-painted gimmick (made of rubber) + a steel coin.

Perfect for every magician’s pocket.

See what the pros are saying:

“One of the greatest tricks if you want a shocking reaction in Halloween.”
Michael Ammar

“Hanson has created a brand new and fabulous version of the Little Hand.”
Bob Farmer

NOTE: The Little Hand created by Bob Farmer. Used with permission.

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